Death of a Grandmother


My post yesterday mentioned that I was sad over the loss of my laptop, but that pales in comparison to my sadness today: my best friend in Thailand lost his grandmother early this morning. Being the eldest male grandchild, he was there at the hospital when she passed away this morning at 2 AM.

Losing a family member is never easy, of course, but if her life had to end, at least the illness comes quickly and it was all over in a matter of days. Also, interestingly enough, my friend mentioned to me that it was good that she passed away in the early morning. In Chinese tradition, if someone dies before meal time, that means that the dying person has left a lot (all three meals) for the surviving family.

Now, the week-long funeral ceremonies at the local temple will start with an burial in seven days. (By the way, Thai-Chinese prefer to be buried, while native Thais prefer cremation.)

My heart goes out to my friend and his family this week.


I agree, deaths in the family are never easy, but at least she was surrounded by her family and loved ones when she passed away. My condolences go out to your friend and his family. God bless.

Many thanks to you guys. I think I will be ok soon. It's a little difficult for me becuase we were pretty close to each other when she was alive. And, I just took her to a hair salon near her house last Tuesday :( I hope she lives in peace with my grandfather now. Good bye, grandma.

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