Super Burrito

"There is no way I can eat that whole thing!" I thought to myself when the super burrito full of beef and cheese and beans and who knows what else was brought to my table. I crave these monsters back in Bangkok, so now that I am in the US, appropriately my first meal is at a taqueria.

Despite my pessimism, however, twenty minutes later, helped by a Negro Modelo beer, the only thing in front of me was a red plastic tray and an empty aluminum foil wrapper. Delicious! I wonder how much weight I am going to gain this week. More than a pound or two, if I keep eating like this!

I didn't sleep much on the plane on the way over, so I am pretty beat now. I was able to stay awake all afternoon, but as soon as I roll my stuffed body down the hill to my rental car and drive back to my hotel, I will be in bed for what I hope is a long, long sleep.

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