Google Street View in Thailand

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It looks like Google Street View has finally been released in Thailand. I'm not sure how much coverage they have, but at least Bangkok and Phuket (my two homes) are done. It's interesting too, that in Phuket, the Street View is much more current than the actual map. The neighborhood that I live and work in was built in the last two years. On the Google Map it shows up as a big dirt field. But in Street View, all of the buildings in the neighborhood are finished already.

I was alerted to this by a former student at PSU who is now a Street View Superstar. There are two pics of him on his motorcycle coming out from his apartment on the main road. He said that he doesn't remember seeing the camera truck, but he is definitely noticing it in these pictures!

I noticed that his face is blurred in this pic, and so is the headlight of his motorcycle. So I guess Google has a face detection algorithm that blurs anything face-shaped. I wonder what it will do with advertisements.

There you go. If you ever see the Google Street View truck and you don't want your face to be blurred, then be sure to hide behind some electrical wires!

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