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It's the first Monday in April, which means that my company is back in business again. After not having any staff for a couple of years, I finally hired two of my students from Phuket to come work for me for a few months to build some iPhone apps, and today was our first day together in our new office.

We started this morning by putting together the desks and chairs that I had bought and transported from IKEA in Bangkok. Then, I gave out some programming assignments to build some prototype apps, and I started working on the Project Plan and Use Cases for the first app we will build.

Looking back through my files, I see that I originally started drawing up plans for this app back in September 2009. The plans still look good, so hopefully by say, the end of May 2012, we will have something available on the iOS App Store. I have lots of ideas for other iPhone and/or iPad apps, so I should be able to keep my programmers very busy.

So needless to say I am very excited to finally taking another shot at the company and the app ideas. Let's see how things work out over the next few months before my classes start up again in July.

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