Changing the default language in iOS 7 from Thai to English

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Apple released the fourth beta version of the upcoming iOS 7 today, and I decided to finally take a leap of faith and give it a try. We are going to have to update all of the ITS4Thai language apps next month to prepare for iOS 7, so I wanted to check it out to see just how different it really is.

Well, I was not prepared for it to be THIS different. When you get a new iPhone, you have to go through several setup screens -- set up your wi-fi, iTunes account, Find My iPhone, etc. And here is the screen for turning on Location Services:


Yup. Everything was in Thai. And not only Thai, but in that really difficult to read "modern" Thai font. According to one of my Thai friends the system font for iOS 7 is "Sukhumvit", as opposed to "Thonburi" which was used on Versions 1-6. This is an important distinction because for our ITS4Thai apps, we need a font that is easier for beginners to read, and Thonburi is definitely easier than Sukhumvit!

There was no way to change the language to English, so I had to try to read the Thai and make guesses what was going on based on past experience, and I think I eventually got everything set up correctly.

And then this is what I see next:


Oh boy. So now I have to go through the settings (in Thai) to figure out how to turn off the Thai! I guess we have to start with clicking on the Settings app. Luckily there is an easy to spot Settings icon in the lower right corner. But just in case the icon wasn't there, it would be good to know that การตั้งค่า (gaan dtâng kâa) = Settings or configuation.

Next, I knew I had to look for "General", and here I found it as ทั่วไป (tûa bpai).


Then, just click on International, which is นานาชาติ (naa-naa châat).


And the last step is to look for something that says Language, or ภาษา (paa-săa) -- and sure enough, it's set to ภาษาไทย (paa-săa thai) at the moment.


So actually, that's several very useful words to know. Now that I think about it, maybe I should leave it in Thai as a way to practice and learn more!

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