Holy Grail Month 1

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After starting off the month with some New Half-Year Resolutions, I was doing pretty well until I decided to go to Hong Kong for a long weekend. That definitely threw off my schedule for all the things I wanted to be doing, such as exercising and studying Thai. Now I am back on schedule (more or less), but let's see what I accomplished last month:

Resolution 1: Read/Write/Study. I definitely wrote more on this website than I have in a long time. Last month's 10 posts were the most since February 2009 (almost 4.5 years ago). I also did a little bit of reading and studying, but actually my biggest accomplishment was getting my research databases set up. Now I just have to populate it!

Resolution 2: Exercise. According to my Runkeeper app, I exercised 18 times in July. Not a bad start, but I can definitely improve here. Some of those exercises were "just walking", but they are better than nothing, right? Unfortunately though, my body weight has not changed much at all. I was hoping to lose a noticeable amount of weight by the end of the year, but so far, none.

Resolution 3: Study Thai. I finally feel like I made some good progress on my goal of learning more vocabulary. I have been using Anki and Learning With Texts, as well as trying to chat with Thai friends in Thai on my iPhone. Since Anki is a spaced-repetition app, and I took a week or so off for my trip, I had a lot of catching up to do. But now I have caught up so I can get back to the sentence practice using LWT. In any case, here are my stats for one month of vocabulary practice:

Anki Stats:

  • Mature 706 (+391 from June 26)
  • Young+Learn: 235 (+55)
  • Unseen: 3298 (-365)
  • Mature/Learning %: 17% and 6%

LWT Stats:

  • Known: 779 (+569 from June 26)
  • Learning: 10 (-170)
  • Unknown: 6463 (+4462. Wow, I have added a lot to learn!)
  • Known/Learning %: 12% and 0%

So, all in all, I was fairly productive and successful in my daily goals. Let's see what August will bring!

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