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Bangkok Bound

It's July 31, 2002, and that means that I am headed to Bangkok later this afternoon. It has been a hectic couple of weeks since my contract ended at Semaphore Partners. But I think I have everything in order and ready to go.

Of course I couldn't have done it without a lot of help from my friends:

* Luke, Kenley, and Travis helped me move furniture to my storage in Alameda.
* Brennan and Eleen gave lots of support and encouragement from SP.
* Do allowed me to use his car for several trips to Alameda.
* Joe gave me permission to stop coaching the swim team.
* Nick put me in touch with Wannee, who got me a great deal on the airfare.

So here I go...

Finished Packing

Everything is finally packed. Just one more trip to Alameda and I will be all ready to go to Asia. Whew. Moving is such a hassle!

A San Francisco Weekend with Luke

My friend Luke was in town this weekend for his brother's wedding, so we took advantage of the last couple of days to hang out and catch up. We first met at NC State in the computer science department -- he has taken the academic route by working on his PhD at MIT in computer science, while I came out west to make my fortune in the dot-com craze. Who was the smarter one? (ha!)

We had a very San Francisco weekend the last two days: Went to a BBQ for Nick's birthday at Crissy Field (a beautiful day which gave us great views of the Golden Gate Bridge and downtown SF and sunburned faces to show for it), then bar hopping in the Casto (Badlands, Cafe, Midnight Sun, Whisky Bar), dinner at Cha Cha Cha in the Haight (sangrias and tapas... yum!). Today we took a load of boxes and furniture over to my storage place in Alameda (free labor), then had lunch at Sam's in Tiberon (still sunny, but with sunblock this time), and visited Muir Woods (giant redwoods and tourists from Kansas).

So the last 24 hours have held a lot of "San Francisco Moments" for me. I know I will miss SF enough that I will eventually want to come back after my upcoming detour. Who I will be, when it will be, and what will be waiting for me remains to be seen.

Stuart's Photo Album Implemented

I just implemented a Photo Album, with some pics of me in San Francisco. The plan is to upload pics from Asia here on a regular basis.

The design, of course, is still being worked out.

A visit from Colin


My good friend Colin was in town this week. We first met at NC State and shared an office as we worked on our master's thesis under Dr. Lester. Ever since I had moved to San Francisco four years ago, we hadn't done a very good job keeping in touch -- but our time together this week was like we had been hanging out all this time.

We talked about what we had been working on lately, who we had dated over the years, and where we had been and what we had seen. He was especially interested in my upcoming trip to Asia, and we quickly admitted how little we really knew about that part of the world as we talked about the politics, culture and religions of SouthEast Asia.

Often times, when I tell people about my upcoming trip, the first thing they say or ask about is sex tourism. Unfortunately, "sex for sale" is a big part of many tourists agenda in Thailand, and it is unfortunate that the reputation is so strong that it is the first thing people mention to me. Colin took a different tack. "Are you expecting it to be a spiritual journey?"

I had never thought about it that way, but yes, in many ways it is. Who knows what I will find? Or what I am even looking for? But undoubtably Buddhism and spritual traditions of the past 1000 years will play a large role, as it is so intertwined with the culture and the personality of the Thai people. As Colin said, "You can't go to Judea without taking a spritual journey. Same goes for SouthEast Asia."

I have to agree.

Long Lost Cousins

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After hearing about my twin cousins from California all of my life, I finally met one of them today. Candace and I had a nice lunch at Harrington Grill in the Financial District. The food wasn't all that great, but the company was. Surprisingly (to me) I felt a family bond with her -- surprising in that I often don't feel much of a bond with family members outside of my immediate family. In any case, I am really glad I met her after all of these years, and I hope I can meet her sister Amy someday soon.

PMS Long Course Championships

I spent this past weekend at the PMS Long Course Championships at UC Santa Cruz. The foggy mornings gave way to beautiful afternoons, and I was able to get in a few good swims, considering the fact that I have only been back in the water a couple of months after my year-long sabatical. My results were:

50 M Back (3rd place, :33.19)
100 M Back (3rd place, 1:14.63)
200 Back (3rd place, if I hadn't gotten DQ'ed on the turn (opps!) 2:44)
200 M IM (6th Place, 2:37.90)
100 M Breast (4th Place, 1:25.08).

I also swam the 200 Medley Relay and the 400 Free Relay.

Full meet results can be found on the Pacific Masters website.

Movable Type is installed!

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After trying 4 different hosts, I have finally settled on Logjamming.com -- and now the inaugural edition of my log is up and running. Yay! Lots more work still to come.

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