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Easy Travels to Ko Samet


I am back on Ko Samet after what was about as perfect a trip here as possible. It ended up being about six hours door-to-door (i.e., Thong Lo to Tub Tim) and absolutely hassle free. The weather cooperated as well and the welcoming sunny skies made the island seem even more colorful than usual. White sands, blue/green water, blue skies, green foliage. Perfect.

I'm going be sure to enjoy the next few days. And who knows, maybe I will even get some work done as well!

Model World

I did nothing all day today. Well, except for read every page of Michael Chabon's Model World and Other Stories. I absoulely love the way Chabon writes. Every one of the 10 or so short stories in this collection had me cracking up. I love his style and his imagination and his subtle humor. The sentence that sticks in my head for some reason is this one:

"One day, not too long ago, in Laguna Beach, California, an architect named Bobby Lazar went downtown to have a cup of coffee at the Cafe Zinc with is friend Albert Wong and Albert's new wife Dawn (who had, very sensibly, retained her maiden name)."
Chabon makes me wish I was a real writer.

So that's all I did today: Read a book. Oh, and dig holes with my feet in the sand, drink freshly squeezed manao soda (lemon soda), wave off scores of offers of massages, manicures, rolex watches, hats, shirts, more massages, fruit, som tum (papaya salad), ice cream, fake tatoos, and massages.

A very fast, somewhat scary bus ride had me back to Bangkok tonight in right at two hours -- a big change from the 3+ hour trip there. It was a relaxing weekend to be sure. Now it's time to proctor and grade exams this week.

Hiking to the End


Today has been more of the same on Ko Samet, with the only change being that I soaked myself in SPF 50 today. The six of us spent most of the day sitting under the umbrellas on the beach and enjoying the view of the blue water and enjoying digging our feet into the cool, white sand under our table.

Once the sun started nearing the horizon, I decided to hike around the island. I ended up walking all the way down the length of the island. (The island is much longer than it is wide.) I'll have to check the map when I get home to see how far I went, but I'd guess it was several kilometers.

It was a great hike. Samet, like most Thai islands, are made up of beach pockets. In other words, I would walk along a 100-yard long beach and when I reached the end of the beach I would have to to scramble over rocks or take a trail over the hill and through the woods to the next 100-yard beach. There were probably about 6 or 7 beaches that I crossed as I made my way down the length of the island.

By the time I reached the end, the sun was setting and I treated myself to a solitary rest on the rocks as I listened to the wind and the crashing waves and watched the sun sink over the gulf and the big crabs scamper over the rocks around me.

I took the "main road" (read: rutted dirt trail) back to my beach. Luckily, along the way two Thai guys on motorcycle came by and one of them offered a ride. I had already been hiking for over two hours at this point, and the dirt road was quiet hilly. Not to mention it was quickly getting dark. Needless to say, I accepted the offer.

The next 15 minutes or so was exhilarting as we rode up and down the hills. At the tops of the hills we could look out over the island and the beaches around it's edge. At one point I said, "Suay mak" (Very beautiful) and so of course the boy tried to chat with me a bit in Thai. Come to find out he was actually not kon thai but was instead kon khmer (Cambodian).

I finally made it back to the bungalow three hours after leaving. Then it was time for a hot shower (we were very surprised to have hot water in our room) and a very delicious barbeque dinner on the beach. Another great day on Samet has come and gone.

Sunburned Already on Ko Samet

Today I was up even earlier than usual, but this time I wasn't complaining because I was on my way to Ko Samet. I was waiting at the door of Dunkin Donuts when it opened at 6, bought a 6-pack (of donuts :) and a coffee, and headed to Ekkamai where I met Mark and Tom. A half-hour later we were on the 7:30 bus out of the city.

Although the bus didn't take the expressway, at least it didn't stop at every corner to pick up and drop off people. So we made it to Ban Pae in 3.5 hours. The boat ride to the island was fast too, less than 30 minutes I think. We were checked into our beach bungalow by noon -- about 7 hours door-to-door.

The day has actually turned out to be more fun than I was expecting. An hour after arriving, I saw a Thai friend who I, ironically enough, first met at the island last year. An hour later I saw another Thai friend from Bangkok with his Canadian friend. So very quickly our party of three became a party of six. We had a great time sitting under the umbrellas on the beach and eating Thai food and drinking Beer Sing. Fantastic.

My only complaint (and I guess it's my own fault) is that I am already sunburned! Arg! Not terribly burnt, just a little red. The sun was a bit stronger and my skin was a bit whiter than I thought. Oh well, tomorrow I will put on that SPF 50 that Mark was offering.

Ko Samet Pics Posted

The next set of pictures I have that needed to be posted was from Mark's and my trip to Ko Samet, Thailand six weeks ago. I didn't take very many pictures, but you can see a few of the ones I did take of the beautiful island can be found in the Pictures of Ko Samet Photo Album.

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