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ITS4Thai Has Finally Launched!


its4thai_homepagev2.jpgNine (plus) months later, we have finally given birth to our baby.

That's right, the first real version of our Learning Thai Language website has finally launched. We are offering a total of 60 lessons, with each lesson containing around 10 words to learn and practice. Many of the lessons also have grammar and sentence patterns.

This is basically the same format as the free lessons that we already launched, but instead of a handful of lessons, we now have a much deeper offering. Lessons include basic vocabulary as well as the usual introductory topics: making conversation, eating, traveling by bus and train, hotels, counting, telling time, etc.

Also, now the website will keep track of your lesson scores, so you can chart your learning progress, or figure out which lessons need a little more practice.

Prices for these courses range from 199-499 baht (US$5.99 - 14.99) for 2 to 3 month access to the lessons. We have tried to keep prices as low as we can and still cover our costs.

I am lucky to have worked with a great group of people on this project. And interestingly, we had 6 countries represented on our team (Thailand, USA, Canada, Spain, Finland, and Nepal). I listed everyone's name on our "About" page (hopefully I didn't forget anyone) but I'll repeat it here, because it couldn't have been done without them.

  • Pomme: Managed the office and is the female voice
  • Jay: Is the male voice
  • Krisada: Recorded and edited the voices, and built the Flash games
  • Pornchai and Wittaya: Wrote the Thai lessons
  • Pahn, Bird, and Bulan: Added the lessons to the database
  • Yong and Onuma: Designed the site and drew some of the graphics
  • Jeep, Vicky, Joy, and Sharlesh: Drew the rest of the graphics
  • Ozzi: Built the HTML and designed the logo
  • Chris, Gordon, Alex, Mark, and Bee all gave extremely helpful feedback on early versions

And my job was to tie it all together.

So, without further ado, I invite everyone to visit our little website at http://www.its4thai.com and learn some Thai!

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