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My First White Christmas


snow%20groceries.jpgLooking out my window today I see a much different view than usual. What's up with all this white stuff that is falling from the sky? And why do I have to wear all these clothes when I leave the house? After five years in tropical Thailand, I think it's safe to say that my blood has thinned and I better hurry back before I freeze to death.

We had a lovely Christmas here in Denver. It was my niece's first Christmas, so most of our time has been spent watching her crawl around the house making strange noises and putting everything within reach into her mouth. Other traditional Christmas activities that we participated in was an emergency run to the grocery store in the snow (pictured here), eating as much food as possible, and of course opening presents this morning.

mom%20and%20ava.jpgMy brother-in-law measured the white stuff outside the house and he said it was 8 inches deep. Even though I was complaining about it earlier, it's actually good news because I wanted to do some skiing on this visit. My parents brought my 10-year old skis with them to Denver, and my Christmas gift pile was mostly much-needed ski apparel. Hopefully I will be able to hit the slopes sometime in the next couple of days.

ruin%20view.jpgOh, and although I haven't written about it yet, last week, my dad and I had a great trip to Peru. We spent 2 days in Lima, then 4 days up in the mountains based in Cusco. While there, we had one day-trip to see Macchu Picchu, and one day-trip to see other Incan sites, like Ollantaytambo (pictured here). It was a truly amazing experience. I'll try to write up some more details and post some pictures soon.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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