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Time To Start Renovating the Kitchen


After a long break from renovating the condo, we are back at it again this week. Last weekend we spent most of Saturday afternoon at our favorite home decorating shop -- Boontavorn on Ratchadapisek -- picking out kitchen tile, a fancy new flat glass stove top, and paint.

Yesterday, the contractor from Boontavorn showed up with seven (yes, seven) workers to tear out our existing kitchen tile and replace it with the new ones we bought over the weekend. We decided to go with big black tiles for the floor and big white ones for the wall behind the sink.

The job was supposed to take two days, but we were very happy to return home last night to see a finished kitchen after just one day of work. I guess it was good that they had so many staff on hand to help out.

I have to say I was a bit worried about the black tiles, but I think that the kitchen looks much better now. Perhaps I can post some pictures soon so you can see if I am right or not.

My Most Famous Friend?


In my past life in America, back before I moved to the other side of the world, before 9/11 and the dot-com bust, I shared a cubicle space in a San Francisco office with a guy named Zach and a goldfish lovingly given the name of Stinky. We were Internet Product Managers (well, Zach and I were, not Stinky) and our products were sites like Orbitz.com and other, less-fortunate dot-com casualties.

Zach and I got laid off on the same day, and we headed off in opposite directions. I ended up in Bangkok, and he ended up with a band called Rogue Wave and a burning desire to be a rock star. Five years later, I'm still in Bangkok, and Zach is still a rock star. His band has gone so far as to appear on The Late Show with Conan O'Brien a couple of weeks ago.

Here's the video proof for you. Zach is the blonde lead singer who looks so happy to not be building websites any more.

Congratulations, Rogue!

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