Food and Spas: McDonalds, Dim Sum, Bookstores, and Hot Springs

Not only did I meet Ike for diner last night, be he brought two friends along: Jonah and Chris. (I find it interesting that all of the Chinese people I have met in Singapore, Hong Kong, and now Taiwan go by English names.)

I'm embarrased to admit it, but my first meal in Taiwan was at McDonald's. (I was tired, it was raining, yadda yadda...) But my first Chinese meal was Hong Kong style dim sum with Ike, Jonah, and Chris. It was good, but now that I'm used to spicy Thai food, it was a bit bland for me. We then went to Taipei's biggest bookstore, a 24-hour operation that was still packed when we arrived at 11 PM.

But the highlight of the night was driving up one of the nearby mountains to visit a Hot Spring Spa. The fact that it was still cold and rainy outside and my legs still ached from walking around all day, made the hot water jacuzzis even better.

The spas are open 24 hours as well, and when we left around 2:30 AM there were still people coming in. I started to realize that Taipei is an up-all-night town.

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