Phra Pradaeng Floating Market

A quick trip to the Phra Pradaeng Floating Market turned into an all-day tour of the area, and we had a wonderful time. Stephen B and I drove over the Rama 9 Bridge to Jit and Stephen C's house. I only made 5 wrong turns, and what should have taken 45 minutes took 75.

We picked up Jit and Stephen C and drove over to the Phra Pradang Floating Market. It wasn't really a floating market, as one might see in glossy Thai tourist photos; only the noodle soup vendors were sitting in narrow boats in a klong (canal). And the market was mostly a food market, which was fine by us. We spend a couple of hours walking around, trying lots of new foods, and buying samples of fruits and shrimp cakes and duck noodle soup.

After the market, we hired a boat for a few kilometer trip down the river just to check out life along the Chao Phraya. On one side were many houses built on stilts over the river. On the other was a large cruise ship and many huge cargo boats docked at the Bangkok Port. Two high-school girls from Jit's neighborhood joined us. It was them who decided to call Stephen C Stephen Gao (Old Stephen) and 6-foot-plus Stephen B Stephen Lek (Little Stephen).

"Little" Stephen and I ended our day by stopping at the new bridge to snap a few photos. The bridge is impressive from a distance, but up close it is VERY impressive. I am looking forward to driving over it some day.

Here are a few of the many pictures I took at Phra Pradaeng today:

The view of the
"floating" market
Our first stop:
Duck Noodle Soup
Plants for sale
(with the names in Thai)
This man played the keyboard
"Old" Stephen getting
into the boat
Nit, our driver,
and Jit on the boat
A boy paints
his baktik
"Little" Stephen under
the new bridge

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