A Drive to El Valle and the Waterfalls

This morning Dad and I rented a car from Avis and hit the road. Not just any road, mind you, but the Intercontinental highway, which stretches from Alaska to Chile. We headed west towards Costa Rica, with plans to stay in a small town called El Valle one night and then head to Panama’s highest mountain, where we would stay for two nights.

This time, the trip went as planned. El Valle is a cute little village that is in floor of a huge volcanic crater that exploded millions of years ago. We went to one waterfall called Macho, but it was a bit disappointing because we had to pay $2.50 to see it and were guided the whole way by a local, with no chance of exploring on our own. But then we went to check out another nearby waterfall, which was free and had no restrictions.

Another attraction at this waterfall is some indecipherable petroglyphs that were supposedly carved into the rocks hundreds of years ago. Local kids crowded our car as we parked offering their tour services of the waterfall and the carvings (for a tip of course). They were very persistent, but didn’t seem to speak much English, so my response to them was vamos solo which may (or may not!) mean “We go alone”

It appeared that the trail to the waterfall goes on up past the petroglyphs and the cascades to the top of the ancient volcanic crater. Unfortunately it was getting dark when we arrived at the waterfall, so we headed back shortly after the obligatory photos.

We had a good "Panamanian" dinner at the local restaurant on the ground floor of our hotel. Tomorrow we will get back on the Intercontinental and head to Boquette.

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