Sukothai, Kamphang Phet, and Back to Work in Bangkok

Friday, March 16

Now, we are finally back home in Bangkok. On the way back from Phitsanulok we spent a couple of hours in Sukothai checking out the ruins, then some time visiting the ruins in nearby Kampheng Phet. I had been to both of these places before, so it was a re-run for me. But it was still fun to show Todd and Jason around the sites.

So we are back, after driving 2000 kilometers from Bangkok to Nan and back. We ended up visiting seven provinces: Phitsanulok, Uttradit, Phrae, Nan, Lampang, Sukothai, and Kampheng Phet. Three of those were new ones for me, so I am still making progress on my goal of visiting all of the provinces in Thailand.

Now it's back to work in Bangkok. I have a couple of weeks to prepare for my new employee at my company. She will start in April, and I have to make sure I have a lot of stuff for her to do. Not to mention I still have to buy office furniture for her. We have a lot to do before my next trip to Baan Samkha, afterall.

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