Arrival at Bangkok International Airport

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Last night at 10:45 I arrived at Bangkok International Airport after a relatively smooth (but VERY long 19 hour) flight. I quickly made my way through customs and found my friend Mag. We took a 30 minute taxi ride to his apartment off of Silom Road. Since I hadn't slept much on the plane, I was able to go to sleep fairly quickly, even though my body thought it was 10 AM.

Today I got up early, and although I am awake, my body isn't quite responding to me. I am moving very slowly. But hopefully since I was able to sleep at night time, then my body will get used to the time change quickly.

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welcome to thailand.. hmmm, I don't think I should be the one saying that, huh? Well.. I hope you are having fun.... in the heat!!! :-)

wow! I can't believe you are gone...
so how is asia different than the usa?
Is the food what you expected?
Are the people what you expected?
Do you understand ANY of the language?


Yes, I am having fun, and yes it is HOT. But actually it is not as hot as I expected. It is also not raining as much as I expected. It has rained MOST days I have been here, but always in the evening and only for a little while at a time.

Yes, the food is what I expected (YUMMY!) and the people are what I expected (very nice) and yes, I am picking up a few Thai words here and there. As far as differences between Asia and the US... I could write a book on that.

I'm glad you made it there safely.

Didn't realize that I can respond to your excursions here on your website. This is so cool!! Gee - the wonders of technology.

Love you!

Yeah, I thought that the comment section was a cool little feature. Too bad that my comments aren't emailed back directly to the person I am responding to, though...

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