The Top of Siam: Doi Inthanon


On the bus ride to Chiang Mai, Champ offered to let me stay with him at his friend's apartment. The following day, he said, we could go visit another friend of his at Doi Inthanon State Park, and stay there one night.

It turned out to be a great idea. The last time I visited Chiang Mai, I explored most of the old part of the once-walled city. This time, however, Champ took me to two old temples just outside of the old section of town that I had not seen. They were both beautiful. One of them has caves underneath the huge chedi, and one has a New Orleans cemetery look with the remains of the Kings of Chiang Mai.

We stayed overnight with Champ's friend near Chiang Mai University, and the next morning headed to Doi Intanon, home of Thailand's tallest mountain. Another one of his friends works in the Forestry Department there. The friend met our bus and showed us around a bit. This morning, we woke up early and headed to the top of the mountain. I never thought that I would ever be cold outside in Thailand, but I was this morning! The top of the mountain is cold, windy, and foggy. If I would have closed my eyes, I would have thought I was climbing Twin Peaks in San Francisco. But then I would have opened them and seen a lush green alpine jungle, and I would have realized that I was on the other side of the world.

On the way down, we stopped at a few waterfalls. After all of that hiking, Champ and I headed back to Chiang Mai. I showered at his friend's place, and took leave of him, thanking him for his excellent hospitality. Now I am heading to dinner with my friend Tu, who gave me a tour of Lampang last year.


I'm still jealous!! Wishing I was there with you to explore and see all these wonders of the ages in part that of the world!

Love you!

What is a chedi?

Where are you now?

Thanks for posting, Mom.

A chedi is a structure that is usually round or octagonal in shape and usually as tall as a one or two story building, but sometimes much taller. They are found at Buddhist temples and are said to contain relics of Buddha (i.e., bone fragments, etc)

Now I am back safe and sound in Bangkok.

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