Food Poisioning Again


The last time I came to Chaing Mai (last November) I really loved it. It was my favorite place in all of Thailand. The only problem was that I got food poisoning and spent 2 days in bed.

This time I still loved Chiang Mai, and this time I still got sick. I went to the hospital early Wednesday morning and was given medicine for food poisoning. I have no idea where I got the bug -- everything I ate tasted sooooo good (as usual). But I definitely got something. Whatever it was has kept me in bed for the past 2 days. Ugh.

I seem to be getting better now. At least I don't have a fever any more. But my stomach is still a little unhappy. In any case, I am tired of laying in my hard bed in my guesthouse, so I am flying back to Bangkok this afternoon.

On the bright side of things, I learned some new Thai words like buat hua (headache) buat tong (stomach ache) and kai (fever). :)


Ohhhhhh - - - I am so sorry about your buat hua, and I know how awful a buat tong can be, especially when it's accompanied with a kai.

Love you!

Haha... See, anyone can learn Thai! :)

Hi Stuart,

My fine co-worker Cody E referred me to your site, very nice! Do you sometimes feel that you are living a dream? So many cool places and things to see...

My husband and I will be traveling to Thailand end of April for 2 weeks, and Cody mentioned that you might have some recs for places to go/see/eat! If you check out my site, I am very focused on food, but I do like to get out and see things too. (You'll notice a liberal sprinkling of the initials CE as a cohort in many dining expeditions)

BTW, very alarming to hear about the serial food poisoning in Chiang Mai, as that's our first stop. Hope this post will notify you by email, otherwise I'll send email proper soon.


I had a similar experience with a bug in Chaing Mai as well. It must be something that we Farangs have to get used to.

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