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The rain was pouring down on our car as we pulled through the gates of the WaterPark. The boy sitting in the backseat next to me looked up through the rain and up through the soaking wet faces smiling at him to see his own face five times life-size hanging from the gates.

The car came to a stop and we stepped out into the pouring rain. A few minutes later, the boy addressed his fans from the covered stage and launched into an upbeat Vietnamese love song.

Some of his fans were smart enough to bring huge tarps which they were now huddled under. Another few had umbrellas. But the majority of them were just standing there unprotected, yet all were smiling.

On the third song he asked (in Vietnamese) who would like to join him on the stage for a sing-along. Immediately, hands of boys and girls aged 5-20 shot into the air waving frantically, their faces eager to be picked. He chose 6 representing all ages and sexes, brought them to the stage, gave them all microphones, and led them in song.

But it was the second number that was closest to true magic. As he began, he walked down the steps in front of the stage into the rain and into the crowd. He worked his way through the wet kids as he sang, shaking hands and accepting a bouquet of roses from a young girl. At one point a boy gave him his red umbrella.

From our vantage point behind the stage we couldn't see the singer, but we could see the falling rain, the bright white spotlight focused on a glowing red umbrella sheltering the Pop Star, and the crowd of completely drenched youngsters looking up at him with wonder and love.


have a happy turkey day.
Do you have any plans?
I'll be in warm and sunny florida!

Thanks for your Turkey Day wishes, #1. No plans here. Just another day in Thailand. Enjoy your time back home in Florida!

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