Hong Kong Pictures Uploaded


hknight.jpgAlmost two months to the day, I have finally uploaded the pictures that I took on Todd's and my trip to Hong Kong last December. Unlike my last trip to Vietnam where I hardly took any pictures in Saigon, I snapped pics like crazy in Hong Kong. I've now uploaded the best 35 pictures of both Hong Kong and Macau.


Where did Hong Kong get all its money?? I did not imagine it to be a country so rich in culture and Christianity. Have you read any reports or articles on how Hong Kong is reacting both culturally and economically to China's communistic rule?


The buildings are fantastic, the night lights unbelievable . . . . Thank you for sharing!!!

Love you!!

This is awesome Stuart. I want to go to Hong Kong now. I like that one building that you like. It's so unique...like a Rubik's cube. We need something like that in Raleigh.

Hehe. Isn't "Raleigh Skyline" an oxymoron? Yes, Raleigh could use a few big funky buildings. In fact, Raleigh could use a lot of "big funky" things.

Glad you enjoyed the pics. Hong Kong definitely ranks as #1 cool skyscrapers in my book.

Beth, interesting question about how Hong Kong is changing due to the Chinese take-over. Changes are bound to come, but I wasn't there long enough to really get a feel for that. One thing that people did mention, though is that the government is starting to slowly tighten its grip on the press. Free Press in Hong Kong is becoming a thing of the past. Not a good sign...

In general, though, things seem to be going smoothly. It's almost as if China is allowing the Hong Kong capiltalist "experiment" continue. From what I have heard and read, I think the China of the future will be somewhere between the current Chinese and Hong Kong models.

(Of course, I am hardly an expert on Asian politics and/or economics, so take it for what it's worth! :)

Now wouldn't that be fascinating? And yes, I agree - clamping down on the free press subsequently free speech ...not good.

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