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smallworld.jpg I often comment about how this is a "Small World" (for example, meeting Mark in the middle of Cambodia). Well, now there is a research project from Columbia University to determine just how small the world is. The project uses the Internet to determine the average number of "Degrees of Separation" on a global scale.

I thought it was a pretty cool idea, so I signed up. They gave me the name of someone in Indonesia. My job was then (since I didn't know that person) was to send an email to someone I know who might know him. So my Indonesian friend Indra was my best guess.

Then I did it again. Twice. The computer science teacher from England went to Charles, a computer science professor in Italy, and the student from Croatia went to Mike, who I thought was nerdy enough to participate in the project (hehe).

So check it out for yourself and let me know how it goes: The Small World Research Project.


Okay - so I'm confused. You have volunteered for this project?? And anyone can volunteer? I guess I should just go to the website, hunh?

Keep us informed as to how it goes, and I just may do it too!!

Love you!!

Yes, you have to volunteer, and yes, you should go to the website to read about it :)

So far, none of the three people I sent email to have sent it on to the next person. Guess I will have to pick some others. Anyone want to play?

Yeah - I will!!

Love you!!

hey i wanna do this project too!!!! it sounds cool. but what's the main idea again??
always ksu.....

The idea is that everyone in the world is separated by less than 6 people. In other words, to connect any two people, you just have to say person #1 knows person #2 who knows person #3... who knows person #6. This project is an attempt to test to see if that is really true or not.

Check out the website and give it a try for yourself!

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