Kao Yai National Park: Waterfalls and Wildlife


Piyawat and I are back safely in Bangkok after a very fun, very relaxing trip to Kao Yai. Last night we camped in a rented tent and listened to the rain pouring over our heads all night.

Lots of rain means big beautiful waterfalls. Luckily, the rain had stopped by morning and so our exploration of the national park was mostly dry. We visited a few lookout points, hiked through the woods, and visited 2 other waterfalls. One was very tall and impressive the other was smaller but more unique with several cascades and levels flowing through, under, and around the rocks and jungle plant life.

Not only did we see a lot of beautiful scenery, cool waterfalls and dark green jungle plant life, we also saw a lot of animals. My favorites were the herds of monkeys and one 5-foot long monitor lizard. Of course the leeches were always a part of our time here. Counting now in the safety of my apartment in Bangkok I see 10 different holes where a leech had attached to my body -- mostly around my ankles and my waist.

But even with the leeches, it was a wonderful trip. Now, back to the "real" world...


Leeches!!! Oh my GOD!!! How the hell did they get all of those places on your body? I remember that they have some type of anesthetic that they release to make sure you don't feel the pain.


Gross huh? Yes, I think they have some kind of anesthetic because none of the 10 holes ever hurt. They also have a anti-coagulant (sp?) so even after the leach is gone, the holes take forever to stop bleeding. I lost more blood this weekend than I have in the last few years combined.

I really don't know how they got to my body though. Somehow they climed in through the top of my boots and/or under my shirt and into the top of my pants.

Gross, yet somewhat facinating little creatures...

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