Is Milk Good For You?


My good friend Eric just sent me some interesting links about milk. I have never been a huge fan of milk but I know that a lot of Americans are. My weakness was cheese. I love cheese. Cheese on pizza, on pasta, on veggies, in sauces, etc. And I was justified, I thought, since I had always been taught that Dairy was one of the main food groups that I needed to eat.

But now that I live in Thailand, I have almost completely removed dairy products from my diet. (Except for the occasional run to Pizza Company or Holy Pizza.) I think it's the main reason I have lost a lot of weight since I moved here.

So is it really all that crazy to give up dairy products? I am becoming more of a believer that it's the best thing to do for one's health. Take a look at the Strong Bones website for more information. There are some good links there, including Eight Great Reasons to eliminate dairy from your diet

Food for thought...


Hmm, wow, that's some pretty interesting info. I have to agree with what you said, though. Faithfully following all the "milk, it does a body good" commercials, I used to drink glasses and glasses of milk when I was a kid living in the States. And cheese! I used to lather Philadelphia cream cheese on everything. =P However, since moving to Thailand, I have stopped drinking milk completely, and as for cheese, I too don't eat so much of it anymore, especially since cheese is virtually non-existent when it comes to Thai cuisine.

BTW, I finally tried out the pizza at Holy Pizza and - holy cow (no pun intended!) - you were right! They have some of the greatest pizza I've ever tasted. In fact, I might be going back again next week to share the pizza love with my friends. =D

Holy cow!!!! You said it Lynn.

Didn't realize - was never exposed to - never would have thought that dairy products were so .... well .... bad. I believe we taut the strengths of diary products, especially milk, to the need of calcium, and allow that to outweigh the, i.e. cholesterol risks. However, one noticeable fact in my life, is that my consumption of dairy products has decreased in my adulthood ... wonder if that has anything to do with my body changing; therefore, the cravings are not present.

With this new information, I will re-evaluate any diary consumption when it comes to milk and cheeses. Thank you, Stuart and Eric.

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