Rainy Taipei

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I've arrived safely in a very wet Taipei, Taiwan today. I checked into my hotel early and will spend the rest of the day walking around town and checking things out.

The flight across the ocean wasn't bad. I splurged on EVA's "Deluxe" class and, as people have told me, it made the flight much better. Both the seats and the aisles are large, everyone gets a personal video display, and the service was very efficient. It cost me an extra US$150, so if you look at it as an upgrade from economy, it's a bit expensive. (If I had done it round trip, it would have added $300 on a $700 ticket.) But if you look at it as a discounted First Class, which is basically what it is, it's a good deal.

So now it's time to explore a new city. Luckily I am not too tired. Or else I am just excited about seeing some new sights.

1 Comment

Ahh..hh fancy life isn't it, Stuart? 3 counrties in 10 days. was it strange to you when you came back to the US full of white people and then back here in Asia again? just curious, HAVE FUN :-))

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