Time for Isaan

I hate to admit it, but Bangkok is getting on my nerves. Everywhere I look there are advertisements trying to sell me something. Many times, these advertisements are flashing or are extrememly loud. (One new soft drink ad in the Skytrain stations literally screams at you as you walk by).

The traffic and the noise and the people and the pollution... Ugh. I have been in this city for too long. So... what's a guy to do? Get out! So tonight I am getting on a bus to head out of town for a bit. The main stop is Chaiyaphom province, to meet an old friend of mine named Pond. I met Pond a few years ago in San Francisco where we both lived, but now he has moved back to his hometown. I am looking forward to seeing him and seeing how he is adjusting to his new life in Isaan. (And I thought Bangkok was a long way from San Francisco!)

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