Crocodile Farm in Samut Prakan

I was planning on working all day today, but after spending most of the first week of my holiday doing work, I jumped at the opportunity to do something different. That "different something" was to take the bus to the next-door province of Samut Prakan with my friend Yan to see the infamous Crocodile Farm. I had mentioned to various friends that I had no desire to ever visit here and so far I had resisted. But today I just had enough of work and next thing I know I was on the bus to Samut Prakan.

The crocodile farm turned out to be pretty much what I expected. We watched the crocodile wrestling show, which I thought was verging on animal abuse. I am sure that the crocs didn't really enjoy being thrown around like that. But at the same time, they didn't really fight back, so perhaps they didn't mind. In any case, it was not really my idea of good entertainment.

We also watched an elephant show and walked around the zoo looking at many different types of animals sulking in small, dirty cages. I enjoyed seeing the animals, to be sure, but I didn't really enjoy seeing how they were treated.

Perhaps the most interesting part was the swamp area where hundreds (thousands?) of crocs were lounging around. The park has built a covered walkway above the crocs, and it was fun to walk around and watch them do their thing (which, admittedly, isn't much).

Oh well, at least I enjoyed spending time with my friend and at least I can say that I've marked off one more Thai tourist spot. Check!

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