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It is often interesting to see how people locate my website and what they hope to find here. A while back I posted some of the top search keywords like "chinese temple" and "willie mays".

I just checked and there are a few new popular keywords like "msn backgrounds" and "thailand lottery".

This last one has me especially perplexed. Apparently people all over Asia are looking for lucky lottery numbers on the Internet. For some reason, this search brings me to the page where I was talking about the new "legal" lottery. When they don't find any on my page, they leave a comment asking me to send them some numbers.

Just in case any one was wondering, I do not have any secrets to share about the Thai lottery. Believe me, if I did, I would be spending my winnings far, far away...


LoL... some people just need a *bit* more practice understanding the American english language (not that it's so far away from England's english). I read the comments to that post; at first I wanted to laugh at how dense they seem by not fully reading the entire post... then I thought on it. Two lines about the lottery and someone wants everything you know on the subject!
Anyway, how's it going with the Teach Yourself Thai book? I'm thinking of purchasing it.
Take care,

Hello there sgtowns!! I stumbled upon your site when I came back from a holiday in Thailand and was feeling a little depressed. . . I am lucky enough to be heading back to Thailand again this summer for three whole weeks. I really want to know if you havr wxperinced the full moon party in Koh phangnan( its amazing ) and I am finding it difficult to get info about flying from Pattaya to Phuket?? I think one night in Pattaya is enough for any man. My trip is as follows. 1 night in Bangkok, 1 night in Pattaya, 2 nights in Phuket and maybe krabi, then fly across to Koh Samui for two weeks and back to Bangkok for 2 nights staying in the Peninsula hotel. . . looks great. I find your daily messages(almost daily) interesting and would take any advice you give me. . . Sorry for any inconvenience caused and keep up the good work
yours sincerely
alan burns form Ireland!! happy Patricks Day( mar 17)

And to think I spent all this time reading your blog to find some lucky lotto numbers. Rats, foiled again!!!

Haha, I know what you mean about the odd ways ppl find your site... I've also gotten some weird search queries, some of which probably aren't so appropriate to talk about here, hehe.

Have you noticed how some Thai people are so superstitious about lottery numbers? I have an aunt who buys lottery tix whenever a number appears in her dream, and even though we used to tease her about it, we stopped doing so after she started winning! Granted she's never won the zillion baht jackpot, but still... no one makes fun of her dreams anymore, though! ;)

Take care!

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