Sunday night, I had to do a little extra work on my laptop, so after dinner I took it to Ban Rae Cafe at Ekkamai. Ban Rae Cafe is a nice coffee shop with traditional Thai architecture but the prices are outrageously expensive (by Thai standards, that is).

But, this night I learned that perhaps you get what you pay for. I felt the caffeine hit my brain on the first sip. Unfortunately, the caffeine lasted well into the night and I didn't get much sleep.

So, as I was buying my breakfast on Monday morning, I thought to myself, "Maybe I should stop drinking coffee altogether. Do I really need it? It doesn't seem very healthy." Eventually, I convinced myself to go without.

The question I have now is wondering if the story I have told so far affected the story I am about to tell.

Around noon I started getting a headache. All I could think about was COFFEE! I sat at my desk trying to work with little devils flying around my head yelling COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE! But I resisted.

By the end of the day I was a wreck. I was dizzy and exhausted. As soon as I got home around 5:30 I fell into bed and slept, waking only to eat some dinner around 8:00.

This morning I woke up dizzy with a headache. Teaching class for 2 hours this morning was a struggle. I have a feeling that my students wondered what my problem was.

So, are these events related? Am I that addicted to coffee that I can't even go a day without it? If that is the case, perhaps I shouldn't drink it again.


I hate the stench of coffee (it makes me want to throw up) so giving it up is a good thing in my eyes.

Your symptoms sound awfully similar to the way I feel when I try to stop drink cocacola. Coincidence? I think not!

actually i dont drink it but i agree with ben, it(only its smell) makes me feel sick too.
i rackon you'd better drink green tea, sencha green tea is my favourite :)

Keep it up Stuart, it's worth it!

I gave up coffee about 5 years ago after realizing I was totally addicted to it. In fact, what I realized was that I would have a headache unless I had coffee in the morning. When I decided to stop immediately after, I suffered a 2 week constant headache and dizzyness. What a scary experience - I have never touched it since and don't even feel tempted anymore.

I suggest you consider tea instead. It will give you the comfort of sipping something warm, and it will not make you addicted.

I read from Men's Health Magazine and it said drinking soda could help and the result is the same. Oh yes, an apple could wake your brain up too (from discovery channel).

I have stopped drinking caffeine after 12:00 in the afternoon. That is a struggle, because my 3:00 pick me up is a can of Diet Coke.

I believe that one can stopped drinking coffee by slowly rationing your portions. Instead of 5 cups in the morning, drink 4, then 3, then 2 - and so on.

Tea - I agree is a good alternative. It's warm - not as potent as coffee, will help with the cravings for caffeine and "cleaner."

I, as a female, need to start cutting back because of the adverse effects high doses of caffeine has on the body.

To change the subject ... today is election day ... all of you who read Stuart's website who live in the U.S., I do hope you go out and exercise your right to vote!!!

Also - increase your water consumption ...... With coffee (caffeine) being a diuretic, part of the coffee withdrawals may be due to dehydration.

I hate to admit that I'm totally addicted to coffee. I gotta have it every morning otherwise I'll get a really bad headache and I won't be able to focus on my work. I have tried to stop drinking coffee so many times but I wasn't strong enough. Oh well, I'm trapped in Starbucks world!!!

I havent drunk coffee since I was 9 but I can tell you this: i love the smell. I love coffee flavoured things (ice cream, chocolate, cake and so on)!

You were drinking coffee when you were 9?!?!

I like the smell of coffee too, but this week I have been so sick that it smells repulsive to me.

So here's the update: I had my last coffee on Sunday. It is now Thursday night. The headaches have stopped, for the most part, but I am still completley exhausted and I have trouble concentrating on anything for any length of time. I have slept an average of 11 hours a night every night this week. I even went home today and took a 2 hour nap and I am still exhausted.

Thanks for the encouragement, though. The fact that this is dragging on for a week proves my theory that caffiene is not good for you.

You know, whenever I say that I stopped drinking coffee at age 9, I get that response! But yes, I have to say: all the kids drank coffee in the UK in the 70's. I mean - remember - it wasn't like expresso or Starbucks deals, this was just instant stuff out of a jar. The UK didn't get all complex til the late 80s :)

You were 9 in the 70s? GASP!

{hobbles off on his walking stick, in disgust}

you gave up coffee? good for you....really. i don't think caffeine has an effect me. i went without it during my "crazy get in shape so i can go shirtless in hawaii and get checked out mode". i don't recall any headaches or dizziness. i was a bit grouchier, short tempered and irritable but that was due to all the sleep i was getting. it was too much and i had to act out somehow. now that i'm back on coffee and less sleep, i'm so much nicer to be around. so you see, caffeine has no effect on me...really.

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