Phallic Shrine behind Siam Paragon?


In the comment section of my last post, Carl Parkes asks:

I still miss the old Siam Intercon and wonder what happened to the famous phallic temple in the back gardens. Have you heard anything about that?

Does anyone else know anything about the shrine Carl is referring to, in the back of what is now the Siam Paragon shopping mall?

I have never even heard of the phallic temple in the back gardens. However, it looks like there is still a small bit of garden left behind the new mall that I visited a few days ago. The gardens are a mess now -- very overgrown and the pond is full of algae. It would be nice if they cleaned it up and opened it to the public. I'll post something here if they do.


The temple is still there, but it was never at the Intercontinetal (unless it was, and was moved...). It was at the Hilton, on Wireless. The Hilton is now the Nai lert and the shrine is round the back... It's quite "fun" for a couple of seconds.

Couple of links:,160328/185/record.html

Cool! Thanks "Him". I think I'll have to put this little park on my "Things to See" list. I'll post pics after I make it over there.

I stand corrected about the location of that phallic shrine; it was behind the Hilton...If I wasn't so lazy, I would have just gotten up and read about it in my book!

In the recient book, Bangkok 8, the garden is mentioned several times, as the FBI lady stays at the Hilton.

BY the way, Bangkok 8 started out sort of promising but sort of started to suck at the end.

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