Horizontal Day


I have spent 99% of the last 21 hours in a horizontal position -- either laying down in bed, laying on the couch, or laying in the bath. Most of that time I have been asleep (except in the bath!). I haven't eaten or drunken a thing, except for a couple of bottles of gatorade.

So it looks like I picked up a stomach virus along the way somewhere. Needless to say, today hasn't been much fun. But now I am starting to get bored and hungry, so I guess that's a good sign that the worst is over.

Update: I had originally titled this post "Vertical Day". But thanks to Ian for sending me an email to say, "I know you've been out of the U.S. for a while, but laying on the bed or couch is horizontal, not vertical." D'oh.


I hope you get well quick. Take care your health. :)

u poor thing ! bored and hungry are a GOOD sign :-)

Get up you little pansy girly man! Why, when I was in the Peace Corps, I got all kinds of bugs and worms and malaria and scorpion bites and all I needed was Gatorade, and we stared at the sun until our eyes burst into flames, and we liked it! Dude, I was watching the animal planet or the Discovery Health channel or something, and these sick people had roundworms, tapeworms, toomba flies, and all kinds of gross, skin-crawling, intestinal-dwelling creatures coming out of them. Anyway, hope you get better and that no worms come out of your @$$#o!e. Peace my intrepid traveler friend. - Eric the ZeptoGator (aka Ricair)

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