My Year in Cities, 2006


Last year I made a list of all the places I had spent the night in 2005, and since it's the end of a new year, I thought I'd do it again.

This was a great year for travel for me. I visited some of my favorite places (like Luang Prabang) and crossed off some of the highest ranked "Places I Want to Visit", like Hanoi, Shanghai, and Tokyo. And I found a new "Favorite Underrated Thai Place" in Phitsanulok.

So, here are the cities I spent at least one night in during 2006. The cities with a * were visited multiple times on non-consecutive nights.

Last year's list had 24 spots in 5 countries, this year had 30 in 9 countries. As much as I loved traveling around this year, I know I won't have nearly as long a list in 2007. 2006 was the Year of Travel, 2007 will be the Year of the Startup Company. Last year was great, to be sure, but I am actually looking forward to a new lifestyle this year.


and Houston, TX, too!!

Oh yeah, I forgot Houston (and it was just a week ago). I'll add it now... thanks :)

Well, you made a good start on 07 in Panama--3 different cities.


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