My first time being an Uncle


At 5 AM on the day we were to leave Panama City, we got the phone call that we have been waiting for: my pregnant sister, her husband, and my mother were on the way to the hospital.

The flight back to the US was uneventful, but we were full of anticipation to hear the news from the hospital. As soon as we landed, we headed there to meet the newest addition to our family… a cute little girl named Ava Marie. Soon afterwards, I was able to hold the hours-old baby in my arms.

After spending some time with the baby and the new parents, my mother and father and I headed out for some dinner. They were both in a celebratory mood, as Ava Marie is their first grandchild. At the restaurant, we heard that some family friend’s had dropped by the hospital, and were now on their way to join us. And then we heard a big surprise that one of my aunts and her daughter had secretly driven all the way from Houston to see the baby, and that she was on the way to the restaurant as well.

It was a great party, once everyone arrived. The wine flowed freely and we made the kitchen stay open a little later than they perhaps wanted, as we kept ordering more food as new arrived.

All in all it was a great day. I look forward to sending little Ava Marie birthday presents every January from now on.


Hi, Uncle Stuart Grant!!!!
I'm glad you had a good time in Panama, but I'm also glad y'all made it back on THE BIRTHDAY!!!!

Love, Sharum

That was a pretty long flight back home that day. And I thought Mom would never get to the airport to pick us up! But it was so neat to be able to hold my granddaughter on her first day with us!

Love, Dad

I guess she'll need a 1/2 birthday, too. :-)


Of course she will have a 1/2 birthday... coming up in July!

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