New Cheesy Max Pizza from the Pizza Company

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My comment about the lack of cheese in Thailand provoked some responses from my readers. I know, it is hard to understand. Even though I couldn't believe the amount of cheese that was on that chicken lasagne in Panama, and I didn't think I could eat it all, you better believe that I finished every bit of it, and loved it!

But of course we do have some cheese in Thailand. Nick was kind enough to pass along one of the newest promotions from my favorite Pizza Company in Thailand. I just might have to give it a try. But until then, allow me to introduce you all to the New Cheesy Max Pizza!


Nick received this ad in an email, and the text of the email explains the promotion (Note: English usage copied and pasted from the email)

Add 30% more cheese and delicious with 4 different kinds of cheese (cheese sauce, Gouda cheese, Mozzarella cheese and red sting cheese)

And now we suggest 4 new kinds Pizza - Smoky Chicken Bacon, Cheesy Sausage, Cheesy Aloha, Cheesy BBQ Chicken

Just 199 baht (for medium pan pizza),

Special 2 pizzas at 299 baht.

A medium pan Cheezy Sausage pizza for 199 baht (US$5.60) sounds pretty good to me. And even though I am not really sure what "red sting cheese" is, I think I'll be dialing 1112 soon to find out...

1 Comment

Being Thai myself and all.. I thought I'd assert my opinion on what the mystifying 'red sting cheese' could be.

1. Red st-R-ing cheese? Though I wonder what red really means in this context?

2. You know how the Thais love to take ordinary things and kick them up a notch. Remember McD's Hot Basil burger some years ago? I think it's when they take the insipid mozarella and spice it up with the crazy hot li'l Thai chilies that 'sting'.

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