Our First Day in Panama City


So when I said that I wouldn´t be travelling much in 2007, I was lying a little bit. At least the first part of the year is travel-filled -- with my Dad and I just today arriving in the Central American country of Panama for a week-long vacation.

So why Panama? And why did Dad come along with me this time? Well, I am waiting for my sister to have her first baby, making me an Uncle for the first time, and I thought I would travel around somewhere in Central or South America in the meantime. I am very curious to see how the tropical American countries compare to those in South East Asia. And when I told my Dad about my idea, he immediately signed up to go along with me. He had spent a lot of time in Panama in the 1980 and 90s, so next thing I knew we had air tickets to Panama City.

And sure enough, after flying into Panama City today and walking around downtown a bit, I feel at home. Un-airconditioned, smoke-belching busses run up and down the streets, the uneven sidewalks try to trip you at every opportunity, fresh fruit can be bought on the street from small carts, and everyone is speaking a language I don´t understand! Just like Thailand...

Actually, as far as the Spanish language goes, I didn`t realize I knew as much as I do. I have learned (or been reminded) of a lot of words in the first few hours already. I am having trouble remembering them when I need to speak, but my dad and I have been able to read a lot of the signs along the road. And it´s easy to look up new words in a dictionary, as opposed to Thai and its crazy Sanskrit-inspired script.

So, we will be here a week... visiting the canal, checking out some colonial forts, and eating as much food as possible. Sounds like a great time to me!


Hi, Stuart Grant!!! Tell your Dad "Hi!!", too!! It's Aunt Vera Margaret's birthday today and Darcy and I are going to eat lunch with them in Conway!! We don't talk about how old she is!! Hope the baby is healthy and y'all are all fine!! Love, Sharum

Hi Sharum!! No baby yet, but we are healthy and well, and are hoping for a baby anyday now, for I so desperately hope Uncle Stuart will be able to hold and love on his neice or nephew before heading home. :-)

Y'all have fun in Panama, and see you again soon! As always - take lots of pics!!



Happy 2007!

Sounds like you are having alot of fun!!


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