A Special Visit Tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day I have been waiting the past five years: My mother and father will arrive at Bangkok International Airport for a long holiday. Over the next two weeks, I will then take them on a tour of the highlights of Southeast Asia: Angkor Wat, Luang Prabang, and Chiang Mai.

I have been planning this trip with in my mind ever since I moved to Thailand. I am always imagining my parents being here and wondering what they would think about this or that. And finally they will get to see how thier son actually lives.

I wonder what they are expecting. Or if they have any pre-conceived notions about what life is like here. We all know that Thailand sometimes gets a bad rap in the foreign press, so there is no telling what they really think they will fid here.

I will do my best to report from the road and share the perspective of two 60-something Americans in Aisa for the first time. Should be a great trip!


Best of luck with that. Having parents visit for the first time is very exciting, while feeling like a lot of work, too. You want the impression to be a good one, of course. Hope you enjoy it and have a great time with them.

I wish you and your parents the best of time in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Do you yourself find the real Thailand different from what you thought of it before coming here? Does the country as portrayed by the Hollywood films or American press differs from the actual one?

Do not bother to answer to my questions now. Your first priority at this moment is to take the best care of your parents. Have fun and travel safe!

wow! first time in Asia and they start with Thailand? that should be interesting for them :)

some things will delight them and others will shock them...

From what I can tell via Mom's emails ... they are having a blast!!! :-)

Wish I were there with you!! Maybe one day, hunh? ;-)

Love you!!

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