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A few weeks ago someone sent me an email to say that they had seen my photos from my trips to Siem Reap, and wanted to send an update on the new airport. Here is the picture that I posted, on August 15, 2002, along with the caption, "Beautiful Siem Reap International Airport welcomed us to Cambodia after a quick 30 minute flight from Bangkok. They are currently building a new modern terminal, and expect to have 4 million passengers a year by 2012."

And here is the picture that I was sent by email a few weeks ago, along with this message: "I was there in March this year & this is what the new airport looks like - Arrivals on the left & departures on the right as seen from the airside."


Quite an improvement, isn't it? (You can click on the pic for a really big version.)

So until I started writing this post and looking back at my pictures from Angkor Wat, did I realize that today is my 6th Anniversary of moving to Thailand. Mark and I went to Angkor a few days after I arrived in Thailand and it turned out to be one of the best trips of my life. Some of the photos (that I was just looking through) still stick very clearly in my mind. Here are a few of my favorites:

I can't believe that six years have gone by already. What an amazing ride this has been!


Happy Anniversary Stuart!

Wow! That is an improvement. Happy Anniversary. Those are some great pics. I leave for India again next month. I really enjoy looking back at the pics after a bit of time has passed.*s* Have a great weekend S T!!

Wow, six years! Who'da thunk it? What a big difference one decision makes. Priceless memories.

My goodness!! I can't believe it's been six years ..... I was still living in Nashville and single .... now I'm married, baby, and living in Colorado. Who would have thunk, hunh, that we'd be where we are today?

I haven't been on your website, I think, since we left for CO. I have a LOT of catching up to do!!!! :-)

Love you!!!

Amazing how one decision opens a whole new series of doors and opportunities in life. Do you ever wonder where you would be in your life had you not chosen to move to Thailand?

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