Checking Resolutions After Two Weeks


Now that I have been back in Bangkok for two weeks, I wanted to see how I was doing on my New New Year Resolutions (the one from Chinese New Year, that is). I have to admit, these resolutions are not earth-shattering or even very interesting, but here they are:

Every day I want to: exercise, follow my diet, and study Thai.

Every day or two I want to: write a blog post.

Let's see how I did for the first two weeks:

  • Exercise every day: In the last 14 days, I exercised 12 times. Score: 85% Not Bad.

  • Follow my Diet: I think I did pretty well on this one. I only remember two days that I totally went off it (beers after one long bike ride and lots of fruit at the floating market). So I'll give myself a score of: 85% Not Bad.

  • Study Thai: Just in case you think that I am rockin' in the self-discipline department, I only studied Thai 4 out of the last 14 days. Score: <30% FAIL.

  • And for writing blog posts on "most" days, I posted 10 entries for the last 14 days. Score: Not Bad.

All in all, I'm pretty happy. I can actually see some of the inches melting off my middle, which is good. But I don't speak Thai any better, which is bad. So there's room for improvement!

However, the improvement will probably have to wait a couple of days, as we're heading to Phuket tomorrow. The main purpose of the trip is to look into some business opportunities, and part of the trip is to use a free hotel voucher I won in a raffle last year. But I am sure we will fit some quality beach time in there somewhere.


Wow you're doing pretty well on your resolutions. As for me I invariably miss them after New Year so figure that maybe Chinese New Year is a good time to start. Then I don't follow up so finally say Songkran. And by then I figure I'll only get 8 months benefit so I'll wait until next year. =)

Where's Stuart? Is he dead again?

Not dead. Just busy :P

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