Rainy Season Waterfalls

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For the first several years of my time in Thailand, I filled this blog with my adventures as I travelled around visiting all kinds of interesting places. But lately I haven't been doing as much traveling, and perhaps my life is not as interesting now. At least it is usually not something that would be interesting to write about.

But every now and then I do get on the road, but it's usually not to see the sights, but to relax and explore a bit. This past weekend I had the opportunity to take a road trip to Khao Lak and Ranong. The highlight was visiting the Ngao waterfall just south of Ranong city. Ngao is an impressive waterfall at any time, but this time we visited while it was raining, in the middle of rainy season. In addition to the main waterfall, this time there were more than 20 other small cascades running down the cliff face. This was one time where I wished I had a professional camera. My iPhone camera just couldn't do it justice.


We also had a few good meals on the trip. Mojo's in Khao Lak turned out to be pretty good, even though we thought it was just going to be another beach tourist restaurant. And in Ranong we had one of our best meals ever at a place called Raan Tawd Rong Tao (ร้านถอดรองเท้า), or the "Take your shoes off restaurant". You don't actually have to take your shoes off to eat there, but you do have to walk though a shophouse, through the kitchen, out the back to a covered eating area in the backyard. It was a very unique place, and the food was absolutely amazing.

So, it was a relaxing weekend, but there's not much here to write about. In fact, writing this blog now in the age of Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and everything else seems distinctly old fashioned...


A rainy day view from our room at B Ranong Hotel.

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