Holy Grail Week 1

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The second half of the year started last Monday, and since I had set up my half-year resolutions then (which are no different from the usual full-year resolutions), I thought that maybe I should report on my progress here every week. I am the kind of person who is motivated by numbers, so let's see if I can gamify myself here.

Resolution 1: Read/Write/Study more. As usual, I read a lot of news and blogs online, but not necessarily for my studies. I made 3 blog posts here, which is a good start, but I still want to try to write more about what I am studying.

Resolution 2: Exercise more. I exercised 5 times last week. That's a good baseline with the fastest/farthest run of 3.2 miles in 31 minutes (9:41 per mile). That distance and speed is definitely something that I am looking forward to improving over time.

Resolution 3: Learn Thai. I studied 5 times last week. At the moment I am focused on learning vocabulary, so let's see how I stand now using LWT and Anki:

Anki Stats:

Mature Cards: 360 (+45)
Young + Learning Cards: 352 (+172)
Unseen Cards: 3,446 (-217)
Mature/Learning Score: 9%/8%

LWT Stats:

Known Words: 441 (+231)
Learning Words: 195 (+32)
Unseen Words: 5240 (+2866)
Known/Learning Score: 7%/3%

For LWT, I basically doubled the number of words in the database by adding all of the words from the ITS4Thai database. One great feature of LWT is that you can set it to not duplicate words. So I just threw in my huge list of words from ITS4Thai and it only added the ones that were not already there.

There was also a big jump in the LWT Known words because I was just going through the list of terms and marking the ones I can already read. At some point, this number will grow more slowly and organically, similar to the Young+Learning Cards in Anki.

So, I have to say that I am happy with my one week of progress. I had a productive week and I hope that I can keep it going next week!

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