Hong Kong, Keyboards, and Blogsy

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Hong Kong with Piyawat's family. I haven't written about it yet here, because there wasn't much to talk about. It was mostly a shopping trip, and so we spent hours and hours and walked many miles through the malls in Kowloon.

Shopping for clothes, shoes, and bags is not really my idea of a good time (as anyone who has seen my wardrobe and shoe choices can attest). But I do love shopping for technology. So one of the highlights of my trip was my visit to the huge 3-floor Apple store at Causeway Bay. While I was there I picked up a very cool Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for my iPad.

The keyboard was highly recommended by my friend Rupert, and as it turns out, I love it. It has really changed the way that I use my iPad. Now I carry it with me most places that I go, and it has been a lot easier to do "real work" on it -- whether that is reading and replying to emails (using Mailbox) or taking notes on academic PDFs (using Sente).


And then yesterday, I saw a review of an iPad app called Blogsy that allows you to post to a blog from the iPad. Lots of different blog software are supported, including Movable Type, which is what I use to run this website. It looked promising, with an incredible percentage of 5-star reviews in the iTunes App Store, so I thought I'd give it a try.

So here I am, on my first post with Blogsy and putting it through its paces. The picture of the Apple store came from my iPad Camera Roll. The link to the keyboard came from the built-in web browser. This image of the cool looking Blogsy icon came from the Blogsy app website.

Unfortunately though, I wanted this image to go over on the right side, but I can't figure out how to do it. And I have had to flip over to the HTML editor several times to put the picture in the right place.

So although this app shows a lot of promise, it seems to be quite difficult to use. I am getting pretty frustrated at this point, so I think I should stop here. I'll try to publish this to my website, so if you are reading this, it worked! (I just have no idea how it is actually going to look.)


But before I go, I'll just throw in one more photo, this one from Instagram. Yes, the Blogsy app gives you a lot of options for bringing in media, but so far, I haven't really figured out how to make it do exactly what I want. Again, I was able to pull in the pic from Instagram (cool!) but had to open the HTML viewer to put it in the right place (not cool!).


So let me go ahead and publish this post and then to go the App Store to write a scathing 3-star review.


Update: Well, it turned out looking ok, but the design view in Blogsy is not really WYSIWYG. And it looks like I can edit the text, but I can't really edit the photos. Perhaps I have to save a local draft on my iPad and edit it there? Can I be bothered to go to the Blogsy site and figure out how to work this app? Or is it just easier to use the usual web interface for my Movable Type installation? Only time will tell.


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