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One of my favorite activities since I moved to Thailand is traveling and taking photos. Perhaps that is a bit of an understatement. I checked a few days ago and I have over 20,000 photo files (30+GB) on my computer. Wow.

Recently, I have enjoyed the Instagram app. If I take a photo now that I really like, I crop it and put it through a filter (if it helps) and post it to Instagram. They just released a new feature that allows one to embed Instagram photos on a website, like this one. Let's see how it looks on a pic from a day trip to Phi Phi island from a few months ago:

Ok. That looks pretty good! But I had to edit the height and width of the tag to get it to fit. Editing the iframe to height="580" width="500" seems to work here. (Thanks to Stowe Boyd for doing the math for me :)

If you want to follow me in Instagram, feel free to add me at sgtowns (as usual). And if not, maybe I will share an Instagram photo or two here in the future anyway.

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