Firefox 1.0


firefox1.0.jpgThe official 1.0 release of Firefox is finally out. I won't say much about it here since it's getting plenty of press. I'll just say that I have been using Firefox as my web browser for months now and I hope I never have to use Internet Explorer again.

Do yourself a favor and go download Firefox 1.0. You deserve it!


Not to "exploit" you, though it can't be considered that if you had it public - but you have yahoo mail. I use Firefox as well but when I compose a message with yahoo mail, I no longer have the html capabilities (change font name, size, color, etc) as I did when I used IE. Any ideas on how I can fix that or do you have the same issue?

*sobs* No one wants to help me?!?!

Joe, I have no idea. I don't ever use HTML in my emails. Sorry!

More than likely, it's a Yahoo issue because Blogger originally had the same problem (before they fixed it).

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