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The few days since I last posted were at first very hectic and then very relaxed. The hectic part came at work. Unfortunately, neither of the two courses I am teaching this semester have textbooks, so I am often scrambling around trying to figure out what to cover. Freedom is good, but too much freedom means extra work for me!

The relaxing part came on a little weekend get-away to Jomtien. Pattaya/Jomtien has it's good points and bad points, of course, but I had a fairly good time just relaxing on the beach and hanging out with a couple of friends.

Speaking of beaches, I have been tasked with finding the ideal location in Thailand for a honeymoon of a friend of mine. It seems to me that a honeymoon at one of Thailand's beach resorts would be great, but I am at a loss to figure out which one to suggest.

So here are some choices:

  • Pattaya is definitely out, for the obvious reason that it is by far the least romantic location in Thailand.

  • Samet is my favorite island, but it isn't really romantic. There should be a lot of pampering going on, and I don't think Samet has that. Although I haven't been to Ko Chang, I'll put it in the same category.

  • There are some nice resorts on Phuket, but the fact that it would be difficult to avoid the Pattaya-ness of Patong makes it less desirable.

  • Samui is an option, but I don't know of any resorts there. Ko Tao and Pha Ngan are a little to backpacker-ish for my tastes (i.e., not romantic)

  • Someone else mentioned Ko Lanta, but I don't know much about that one.

  • Someone else mentioned going to Langkawi in Malaysia or even Penang.

So... Does anyone have any suggestions? What is the most romantic place in Thailand?

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Does it have to be an island? You could always suggest the Tub-Kaak which I blogged about ages back.


Are you bored at work today? :)

No, it doesn't have to be an island. I forgot about Krabi -- the Tubkaak website looks nice! Can you send the URL of where you talked about it on your website?

The problem here is that I can suggest plenty of cool 400 baht beach bungalows. But I haven't come up with a good excuse for ultra-pampering before. (I mean I've never had a honeymoon ;)

Another place is Aleenta ( I remember Paul blogging about it almost a year ago, and if I remember correctly, a friend of his owns the place. One big plus is that it's around Hua Hin/Pranburi, so it's really close to BKK. My cousin went there last year for her honeymoon and loved it. :) Also, its supposed to be very popular with the international celebs, and telling from the internet pics, it definitely looks like heaven on earth. Really secluded, lots of pampering, and definitely very romantic! :)

Yes, I just finished writing an implementation guide so I'm taking a break :)

The page on my blog is here.

Ok, now, I know you said Pattaya is out (and I dont blame you) but just slightly outside is the Cabbages and Condoms resort and it's possibly one of the niceest, most tranquil places I have ever stayed. There are suites of rooms, all facing the sea, you cant see other rooms or anything. The food is top notch - it is C&C after all and there really is nothing to fault about the place. It has a private beach, complete with "beach service" :) which is very clean and quiet.

But the website really doesnt do it justice.

As for Koh Tao, I spent a few weeks there last year, at a nice place - but not like you are looking for. However, I beleive there are some great resorts there - the northern end of the island has high quality places. Have a look at:


I have never heard anything good about Samui. It's just tourist hell from what I gather.

Mmmmmm... i'd say Sisaket which is my hometown (hehe) if it doesn't have to be an island. the question is what will you see from there...
doesn't have to be an island = sisaket is on the mainland.
noisy = no, sisaket is not noisy. sisaket is such a quiet province.
cheap = every thing there is so cheap.
romance = we've got rice fields waiting for you.

okay, i hope this will make you to add sisaket to be one of your choices :)

Thanks for the ideas, y'all. Keep them coming, if you have any more.

And Oui, Sisaket sounds absolutely lovely. Actually I had a very nice Songkran holiday in nearby Buriram last year. But, buffalo and rice fields might not be exactly what my friends had in mind. But I will suggest it to them. Can they stay with your parents? ;)

Stuart, please check at I went there once and loved it. it's located on Lamai beach. The beach was good (although Cha-Weng is nicer but too crowded, good to see people) but the accommodation was great. it's not expensive as the price that posted in the website. If your friends really want to go there, I think I could find contact number for lower or package price. The garden bungalow are very lovely. It is strongly recommended :)

Dusit rayavadee in Krabi is the most romantic place i've ever been to:

it's kind of expensive. i went there 5-6 yrs ago. and the price wasn't too bad. but let me tell you it's totally worth it. i highly recommended. oh you can do rock climbing there too. pretty cool.

oh also check out Nakamanda resort in Krabi and Santiburi in Koh Samui as well. really beautiful:

Lynn & Kevin mentioned 2 of my suggestions. Pranburi is really nice, and all the resorts down there (Aleenta, Evason, Praseban, etc) are all pretty posh. Nicha and I loved Koh Tao, and we fell in love with Chumchuree Villa

koh mun nork. secluded.

There are so many, have a look at the group, they have a few nice ones, like Evason Phuket, the hideaway villas at Samui etc.

Also, the new craze now is the Racha at Koh Racha. In my opinion, get the pool villas, otherwise, the normal villas are just so-so.

I agree with Aleenta and Evason Hua Hin. I think they are constructing a new Aleenta in Phuket.

Also check out the new Sarojin.

If budget is not an issue, then go for THE Trisara or Treetops Arasia.

For Koh Lanta, the prices are more reasonable for what you get, and it is secluded. Have a look at the following: Costa Lanta, Pimalai, and SriLanta.

Stuart, there is one hidden province but is good for alternate wedding, is Ubon can have such a romantic wedding in Sirinthon Dam, a small resort in Khong Jim- 2 rivers, or under the historic cave by Khong river, or make a wonderful party in Ubon hotel and cruise along Moon river.. How is that

If you are looking for beach resorts, the best are in Krabi namely:
Pimalai Resort and Spa
and Rayavadee. They are fabulous places for honeymooners.
I am from the Philippines and you may want to check out our beaches as they are the best in Asia (I have been to MANY beaches in Asia). You may want to check out Amanpulo, beaches in Palawan namely Club Noah Isabelle, El Nido Lagen, Dos Palmas. Alona Palms in Bohol is also beautiful. Cebu has beautiful resorts too. Shangri-la Mactan, Badian Island Resort, Pulchra. Check it out and you may want to change venue.

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