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I spent most my Saturday afternoon and evening tweaking this website. Return visitors might notice that the "Locations" list in the left menu is a little bit different. I created subcategories for some of the provinces I have visited, and moved some of the content accordingly (both photos and writings).

Movable Type has this funcitonality built in, but I have to say that the article Understanding the Category Listing Code from the Learning Movable Type website was very helpful, so I give kudos to the owners of that site.

I also continued tweaking the CSS for the Photo Gallery. I still have a ways to go before everything is the way I want, but it's getting there. Feel free to take a look at the Photo Gallery to see what you think. Let me know if anything seems broken!

Update:Thanks to a heads-up from my friend Farol, I realized that my changes to the Photo Album was working in Firefox, Safari, and Camino, but was broken in the one I forgot to check: Internet Explorer. And since most people still use that one, then those pages were broken for most of the visitors to this site. So, I have reverted back to an old copy of the CSS and page templates. At least it (mostly) works now, but I lost a lot of work over the past few days. Oh well, I'll try to improve it again soon.


I see that you have Google ads on your site. Nice to see that you're still working for "The Man". As for the rest of your site... how do you have so much free time to travel to all these places? Are you actually working in all these different countries and have devised a round-robin visa run strategy? Kudos! I applaud your audacity and verisimilitude.

Farol should get himself a real web browser. :-)

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