Spending the Night in Kao Lak

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I am writing this from the beach at Kao Lak, in Southern Thailand. This beach will always live in infamy, as it was the hardest hit area in Thailand from the tsunami. In fact, the hotel we stayed at was almost completely destroyed.

This morning, we will be boarding a boat and heading off for a two-day trip to Ko Surin. Unfortunately, though, as we arrived at the hotel in Kao Lak last night, we could see lightning in the distance. And sure enough, it is raining today. I hope that it breaks soon. Being on a boat in the rain won't be much fun.

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Its so sunny and cool and dry up here in CM, its really hard to imagine that its raining anywhere else in Thailand ! Hope the sunshines for u.

Wow! u really have travelled a lot. I wish I could do that. Well, I hope u have a good time there.By the way, nice pics.

i bet ur having a good time!!! =P
i've been a big fan of ur blog but wanted to wait until im outta BUIC student life to post a comment :P
anyway, i was stabbed! guess where?? Jasmine City Building Sukhumvit 23 !!! Asoke... so you be careful when u go there,okay? i dont want anything like that happen to people I know. take care...

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